“Smart Patch” for Arthritis

arthritis patchThe easy-to-wear “smart patch” will save sufferers from years of pain by early detection of the crippling disease.
It is also poised to save the hard-pressed NHS tens of millions of pounds. Diagnosing arthritis before it fully develops will allow the early use of crucial preventative treatments and pain-killing techniques.

The disposable device uses acoustic sensors similar to those built into jet wings to detect structural damage.

They can “hear” subsonic cracking sounds in knees and other joints. Although still in the early stages of development, academics at Cardiff University believe it will be a game-changer.

“It has huge potential to change the way we diagnose osteoarthritis,” said Dr Davide Crivelli, of the School of Engineering at the university.

He explained: “If we’re able to link the sound signature of a healthy knee and a knee with disease, we will be able to lower the costs on society a lot.”

Source: http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/757955/Arthritis-patches-breakthrough-detection-treatment-new